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Stress can take its toll on anyone, especially in their day-to-day routines. Why extend the life of that burden when you could treat yourself to an hour or more of relief? Whether you have chronic pain, headaches, backaches, or just want to be pampered, give yourself the gift of relaxation... today!

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In Short

When you get a massage from a Palaquin therapist, we're not going to tell you that your chakras are misaligned or that your aura is yellow when it should be blue. Instead, we'll be efficiently working on your tired, stressed muscles, allowing you to return to whatever it is that you do feeling invigorated. No pixie dust. No mood rings. Just a simple, effective massage.


We Call It The “Massage Face”

It's the face you have when you get up from the table or chair massage: a blissed-out, ready-to-summit-Everest kind of look. And it means we've done our job–-we’ve found the spots where you experience pain or tension, and we’ve work within your level of comfort to eliminate them. Fifteen minutes is often all it takes. But if it's a little longer, we'll work with you. Whatever is needed to get you to feeling your best.


Sometimes To Keep Going In Fast-Forward, You Must Push Pause

Lots of people try to cram 50 hours' worth of work into a 40-hour week. They say they don't have time for a massage. If you count yourself among them, you're probably already aware of how your energy and attention levels tend to dip on occasion. It's called fatigue; some would even call it burnout. And it means you need a break, even if it's just a quarter of an hour. Rest assured, any amount of time you lose to a massage will be made up by the fact that you'll return to your tasks rejuvenated and focused. Try us and see–- it's time well spent.


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