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What is a chair massage?

Who pays for it?

How do I sign up?

How is a massage given without oil?

How are the chairs kept clean with so many people using them?

Is there deep pressure given during the massage?

How will I feel afterwards?

Do most people tip the therapists?

How often should I receive a massage to manage my stress?

Is chair massage safe for everyone?

What about if youíre pregnant?

Why do I need to eat before my massage?

Chair massage is a fully clothed, seated massage in a special chair that allows the therapist to access the recipientís back while the front of the body rests gently on pads designed for knees, chest, arms, and face. The session usually lasts 15 minutes and addresses the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, and scalp.

Depending on the payment option that is chosen by the company, the employer can pay 100% , the employer and employee can each pay a percentage, or the employee can pay for himself or herself.

Simply contact us by calling (503) 224-6800.

Using pressure points and Japanese techniques, there is no need for skin contact or lubrication.

Each chair is sanitized between uses and a new face cradle cover is applied. The therapist disinfects their hands and forearms as well.

The pressure is as deep or as light as you want. Your therapist will check-in with you as he/she works to achieve a pressure level you feel is most beneficial. Feel free to speak up often.

If youíre familiar with table massage, you may think you will feel tired or foggy. This is not the case with a chair massage. By the time we are done, you will notice a rejuvenated alertness, better focus, and higher energy.

Gratuity is always your choice, but appreciated by the therapist. If you choose to do so, the average amount is between 10-20%.

Once a week would be optimal. Just as it is important to eat a balanced diet regularly and exercise 3-4 times weekly, taking time for relaxation regularly is very beneficial. Receiving bodywork is unique because youíre not required to do anything except allow your muscles to be manipulated. There is no physical or mental exertion which is why it is so revitalizing. If once a week is not possible, then once every other week is our next best suggestion.

Chair massage is not suggested for individuals with certain conditions, including loss of sensitivity in any part of the body (especially the limbs), pain of an unknown cause, fever, edema (swelling), untreated hypertension or diabetes, some cancer, and certain medications (pain killers and blood thinners). However, to receive the most benefit from the massage, please let the therapist know about any concerns you may have prior to starting.

Pregnant women find chair massages beneficial. We have extra pillows to make you very comfortable during the experience. We do require that you be at least 13 weeks along (into your 2nd trimester) to avoid any complications. Please notify your therapist if you are pregnant.

The massage sequence works with Japanese acupressure points, which have the potential to lower your blood pressure. If you havenít eaten, you may have a lower than normal blood pressure to being with, resulting in a risk for fainting.