Add A Healing Touch To Your Retreat!

Are you hosting a yoga, spiritual, or wellness retreat?  Include a healing touch that is catered to the needs of you and your guests!

 Add transformative value to your retreat and bring your guests to the highest level of satisfaction!



  • Traditional Thai Massage 

    • This ancient healing art with roots in Ayurvedic medicine is my specialty!  Thai massage is a meditative form of bodywork that consists of guided visualization, breathwork, deep compressions and full body stretches along energetic pathways in order to release tension in body, mind, and spirit.  Flow through yoga poses (and life) with greater ease and less restriction!    

    • 60, 90, or 120 minutes in length

  • Group or Individual Hypnotherapy

    • Our unconscious minds are powerful tools, that when tapped into, allow us to achieve our goals faster.   Heal from chronic pain, reach deep levels of relaxation, lower your stress, build confidence, clear mental and energetic blockages!

    • 60 to 90 minutes in length



About Me

I grew up in Salem, Oregon the son of a tree farmer and a veterinarian, surrounded by animals and nature.  I injured my back at age 12, and had to undergo several surgeries which corrected the initial problem, but caused many others in the process and left me in severe chronic pain.  Doctors could only offer prescription painkillers for the rest of my life as a treatment.

Refusing to accept this as my only solution, I began a lifelong search for natural ways to manage chronic pain.  This search became my passion, and ultimately my career.  I studied sports medicine in college, and later massage therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming.

When I was introduced to Thai massage, I instantly fell in love and sought out masters in Thailand, Oregon, and Costa Rica for my studies.

This beautiful modality truly healed me -- I went from managing chronic pain for 20 years to reducing and eliminating it.  I am so thankful that I get to share this knowledge with my clients.  

A few years ago, I started providing thai massage for a friend's yoga retreat and realized that when healing and community are combined, even for a week, the long-lasting positive effects on the mind, body, and spirit of all involved are undeniable.  This led me to want to turn this into a career, contracting my services out to retreats in order to help facilitate such a transformative healing experience for people! 


  • 2017

    • Apositiva Institute; Portland, Oregon

      • "Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy​"

      • "Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner​"​

  • 2016​

    • Gretchen Hogue LMT#12283; Portland, Oregon​

      • "Wind Gates and Blood Stops"​

    • Christopher Ray; Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica​

      • "Chi Nei Tsang and Thai Abdominal Massage - Long Course"​

  • 2015

    • Christopher Ray; Portland, Oregon​

      • "Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage - Upper Body"​

  • 2013

    • Christopher Ray; Portland, Oregon​

      • "Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage - Lower Body"​

  • 2012

    • Pichest Boonthumme; Chiang Mai, Thailand​

      • "Advanced Thai Massage - 5 day course​"

    • Loi Kroh School of Thai Massage; Chiang Mai, Thailand

      • "Advanced Traditional Thai Massage - 5 day course"

    • Old Medicine Hospital; Chiang Mai, Thailand

      • "Herbal Compress for Health - 1 day course"​

  • 2011

    • East West College; Portland, Oregon​

      • "License in Massage Therapy - 800 Hour Program"

  • 2008

    • Chapman University; Orange, California

      • Sports Medicine​

      • Sociology


Every retreat varies, so I would like to come to a mutual agreement with you.  A minimum agreement to providing lodging, meals, and a guarantee that I would earn at least enough money to cover my air-fare would be appreciated.

I am more than happy to assist with any set-up or various tasks while I'm not seeing clients.  Let's talk and see how we can provide the best experience for your guests and everyone involved!  

Send me an E-mail below and let's start the conversation!



511 SW 10th Ave. Suite #708. Portland, Oregon. 97205. 503-224-6800