This class will be held in the 6th Floor Portland Medical Building Classroom:



511 SW 10th AVE, Suite #605

Portland, OR 97205


4 Continuing Education Units. Fulfills Oregon and Washington's Ethics requirement for license renewal.


This course will explore the history, biology, and psychobiology of mind body medicine from an Eastern and Western perspective as it pertains to massage therapy and bodywork. Additionally, guidelines on ethics, boundaries, and communication with clients will be discussed, answering the following questions and more:


  • Why do clients with chronic pain feel better for 1-3 days after a treatment, just for the discomfort to return?
  • Why don’t zebras need psychotherapy?
  • What is the role of the Autonomic Nervous System in mind body healing?
  • Why do many people with real, moderate to severe chronic pain have no structural or tissue damage?
  • How can we treat mind body tension with massage, while staying within our scope of practice?


Finally, we will end with an overview of simple mind body techniques based on neuroscience.

April 22, 2018: Ethics, Boundaries, and Communication in Mind Body Healing

  • No refunds given with less than 48 hours notice.

    Refunds may be given with more than 48 hours notice.  If you are unable to attend this class, the alue of the class may go toward a future one.

511 SW 10th Ave. Suite #708. Portland, Oregon. 97205. 503-224-6800