Plai is a powerful anti-inflammatory in the ginger family (Zingiber cassumunar) and has been used in Thailand for thousands of years.  It Improves blood circulation; eases muscle aches and pains, and helps after injures all around the body.  It even helps against itching and after insects bites too! It also useful for treatment of dizziness/vertigo, migraines and headaches.  Click here for more information!


As a busy massage therapist, I can truly attest to the wonders of this rub-on applicator.  Any aches and pains in my wrists shoulders, or low back disappear a few minutes after I roll some on some plai oil.  My clients who work behind a computer love it for their neck and shoulders.  I have clients who are firefighters, paramedics, and out-door enthusiasts and they all love the quick, no-mess application!


Plai is an excellent alternative to CBD, for a fraction of the price!  If you want the relief of CBD without the concern of trace amounts of THC or failing a drug test, try plai!


Ingredients: safflower oil, plai essential oil.

Plai Oil (10mL)

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