Take Control Of Your Chronic Pain!

Chronic pain is complicated and often misunderstood by most health care professionals.  Doctors have received little to no training in the treatment of chronic pain leaving them with surgery and medication as their only tools.  Clients opting for drug-free solutions tend to get bounced around between physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc. where the focus is on ridding the tissues of any biological dysfunctions such as tightness and adhesions, with little to no long-lasting relief.

Fortunately, research in pain neuroscience has come a long way in understanding how the nervous system creates chronic tension in our bodies.  More importantly, studies have shown that a combination of mind-body education, mindfulness meditation, and bodywork can give people the tools to control their pain and work toward eliminating it!


Sign up for this 4 week treatment program that combines healing bodywork with empowering education!  You will learn:

  • All about the science of pain, the autonomic nervous system, and the mind-body connection.

  • Mindfulness meditations to reduce pain and relax the nervous system.  

  • Techniques based on kinesiology and applied neuroscience that immediately reduce pain felt in the present moment.

  • How to “have” a massage by incorporating breath to get the longest-lasting maximum benefits (also works with acupuncture or chiropractic treatments).

  • 3 Thai Massages with guided meditations

  • Self-massage instructions for the neck, shoulders, low back, and hips with your very own massage tool.

  • And More!


Session 1 (90 minutes - 2 hours):

  • Thorough intake and medical history

  • Explain bio-psycho-social model of health vs. the bio-medical model of disease

  • The importance of breathing!


Session 2 (90 minutes - 2 hours):

  • Check-in/ answer any questions

  • Explain Autonomic nervous system and pain - our protector with good intentions

  • How to “have” a massage with breathwork

  • Mindfulness meditation for relaxation

  • Thai Massage (60 minutes)


Session 3 (90 minutes):

  • Check-in/ answer any questions

  • Explain 3 Principles model

  • Mindfulness meditation for relaxation

  • Thai Massage (60 minutes)


Session 4 (90 minutes):

  • Check-in/ answer any questions

  • Self-Massage tool with Instructions

  • Mindfulness meditation for relaxation

  • Thai Massage (60 minutes)

This treatment plan is based off the works of Dr. John Sarno, Dr. Howard Schubiner, Dr. Milton Erickson, Dr. John Grinder, Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. Andrew Weil, Sydney Banks, my personal experience with chronic pain, and traditional Thai medical theory, among other influences.

Do you have any questions?  Would you like to schedule your appointments?

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