Thai Massage: Unblocking The Physical And Mental Winds

Upcoming Classes:


Upper Body (7 CEU's): March 25, 2017

Lower Body (7 CEU's): Date TBA


Portland Medical Building, 6th floor classroom

511 SW 10th Ave, Suite #605

Portland, Oregon 97205

Have you ever worked with a client in chronic discomfort and felt like the cause might be in the emotional realm rather than physical?  How can we stay within our scope of practice and treat the tension in the body as well as the mind?

This fun, hands-on, interactive class explores the fundamentals of Thai massage. By the end of the course, students will learn:

  • The basics of Thai Medical Theory as it pertains to bodywork

  • A Buddhist perspective on pain and suffering

  • The mind-body connection to pain (Eastern and Western Perspectives)

  • The effects of chronic stress on the body

  • Breathwork with massage to "move our wind" (energy)

  • A solid basic routine that assists in the healing of various common chronic tension holding patterns. 

Handbook included!

This is an active class!  Please bring or wear loose comfortable clothing. 

Oregon and Washington Licensed Massage Therapists receive 7 Continuing Education Units Each Class! 

Open to all healing artists, and healing arts enthusiasts! 

Click the link below to sign up! Call (503)224-6800 or E-mail me ( with any questions!

511 SW 10th Ave. Suite #708. Portland, Oregon. 97205. 503-224-6800