Trance-Form Your Mind, Body, and Spirit In Ireland!

Take a vacation from the consensus trance

Date: June 2020

Location: Killarney and Dunmanway, Southwestern Ireland


Do you need a break from work, constant political bickering, negative headlines in the news, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, overwhelming feelings, chronic pain and discomfort, etc?!

Join me for a rejuvenating 5-day holiday of hypnosis, yoga, adventures, sightseeing and healing of mind, body, and spirit! Enjoy breathtaking nature, unforgettable local experiences, and make life-long friendships as we shed our tension and learn how to live our best lives!

On this retreat, you will...

  • Experience nightly relaxing group hypnosis sessions

  • Learn Self-Hypnosis and Mind Body hacks to help:

    • manage states of mind

    • control pain and discomfort 

    • activate our parasympathetic nervous system for deep relaxation and healing 

    • Live in the present moment

    • re-frame negative thoughts and experiences

    • ...and more!

  • Wake up with daily Yoga

  • See some of South Western Ireland's most stunning sites:

    • Ring of Kerry

    • Muckross Abbey

    • Loch Hyne 

    • Dromburg stone circle

    • More to be announced!

  • Wander the shops of Killarney, Dunmanway, and other charming towns!

  • Learn about the ancient history of the surrounding area!

  • Enjoy optional Catholic Mass and/or energy reading by a local energy healer in Dunmanway!

  • Sleep in cozy housing units in the towns of Killarney and Dunmanway

  • Feast daily on 2 healthy, gourmet Irish meals and a mid-day snack (dietary restrictions can be accommodated, just let us know!)


We all have personal visions of who we want to be, how we want to feel, what we want to achieve, and where we want to go.  Often times, our judgmental, fearful, self-doubting, and self-sabotaging conscious minds will cloud our visions from manifesting into reality.  Imagine what could be accomplished if that cloud was lifted?  Hypnosis (which is similar to guided meditation) can assist in lifting that cloud!  Just like learning a new language or riding a bike, it is a skill that gets easier and more effective with practice.  This retreat is designed to provide ample learning and practice time in an unbelievably enjoyable setting!

Hypnosis can also deeply relax our minds and bodies which allows us to handle the stress of day-to-day life much more effectively.  It is like restarting a computer after installing more resourceful programs and releasing any non-resourceful files.  Who couldn't use a good system upgrade every once in a while?!

Why Ireland?








I have a deep personal connection to this beautiful part of the country that I cherish in my heart.  The town of Dunmanway is home to some of the nicest people you will ever meet, is surrounded by Druid stone circles such as Dromburg, and is home to Tougher castle, which was built by distant relatives 1500 years ago.  Loch Hyne is a highly salinated lake which a local priest claims has healing powers -- jump in if you dare! It is fed by the ocean during high tide.  Hike the surrounding forest for some amazing scenic views.  Killarney is a beautiful town surrounded by many amazing out-door adventures.  I could go on and on.  This country will lift your spirit.

About Me

I grew up in Salem, Oregon the son of a tree farmer and a veterinarian, surrounded by animals and nature.  I injured my back at age 12, and had to undergo several surgeries which corrected the initial problem, but caused many others in the process and left me in severe chronic pain.  Doctors could only offer prescription painkillers and a sedentary life due to disability as a treatment.

Refusing to accept this as my only solution, I began a lifelong search for natural ways to manage chronic pain.  This search became my passion, and ultimately my career.  I studied sports medicine in college, and later massage therapy, Thai massage in Thailand and Costa Rica, clinical hypnotherapy, and neuro-linguistic programming.

This beautiful blending of mind and body with hypnotherapy and thai massage truly healed me -- I went from managing chronic pain for 20 years to reducing and eliminating it.  I am so thankful that I get to share this knowledge with my clients.  


  • 2017

    • Apositiva Institute; Portland, Oregon

      • "Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy​"

      • "Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner​"​

  • 2016​

    • Gretchen Hogue LMT#12283; Portland, Oregon​

      • "Wind Gates and Blood Stops"​

    • Christopher Ray; Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica​​

      • "Chi Nei Tsang and Thai Abdominal Massage - Long Course"​

  • 2015

    • Christopher Ray; Portland, Oregon​

      • "Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage - Upper Body"​

  • 2013

    • Christopher Ray; Portland, Oregon​

      • "Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage - Lower Body"​

  • 2012

    • Pichest Boonthumme; Chiang Mai, Thailand​

      • "Advanced Thai Massage - 5 day course​"

    • Loi Kroh School of Thai Massage; Chiang Mai, Thailand

      • "Advanced Traditional Thai Massage - 5 day course"​

    • Old Medicine Hospital; Chiang Mai, Thailand

      • "Herbal Compress for Health - 1 day course"​

  • 2011​

    • East West College; Portland, Oregon​

      • "License in Massage Therapy - 800 Hour Program"​

  • 2008

    • Chapman University; Orange, California​

      • Sports Medicine​

      • Sociology


This retreat does not include air-fare to Cork Airport. 


Investment includes:

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Transportation around towns

  • Lodging 

  • 2 meals a day plus a snack

  • All adventures and tours

  • All hypnosis, mind body, and yoga classes


Receive a $200 discount if deposit is made before June 1, 2019!

Double Occupancy (share room with another retreat participant): $1800.00

Single Occupancy: $2200.00

Refundable $500 deposit required by April 1, 2020 to secure your spot 

Locals can attend the classes for $500.  Please E-mail me for details.


More Information Coming Soon!

Call (503)224-6800 or E-mail me below with any questions​!

511 SW 10th Ave. Suite #708. Portland, Oregon. 97205. 503-224-6800