Mind-Body Wellness @ Work

"Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional" - Buddha


Treat your staff to a workshop that will prove helpful beyond business!


Chronic neck and back pain are the most common cause of missed days, litigation, and worker's compensation claims.  While accidents happen and repetitive motions can take their toll on the body, what about the stress and tension caused from that demanding client, or big deadline?  Medical professionals are starting to discover their role may be much bigger than expected.


When our minds are distracted and our bodies are uncomfortable, profits and productivity margins fall. While we cannot control stressful situations, we can greatly minimize the negative effects it has on us.


This 60 minute fun, personalized workshop includes mind-body education, in-office stretches, self-massage, and more! 


Each staff member will receive a handy reference guide that discusses the following:


  • How our nervous system can create pain in our neck, shoulders, back, and hips; high blood pressure; anxiety; mental fog; headaches, etc. if it is in a constant state of stress ("fight or flight").

  • Techniques to quickly calm the nervous system and decrease pain perception.

  • Stretches for the whole body that we can do in the work-place with a wall, a door-way, a desk, and/or a chair.

Additionally, each staff member will receive their very own self-massage tool with guided instructions on how to massage their neck, shoulders, back, and hips to quickly relieve work-place tension.


The workshop will conclude with up to 30 additional minutes for questions, and individualized assistance to address and minimize personal and job-specific stress.




I had chronic pain for 20 years after 4 back surgeries. I experienced first-hand the intimate connection between tension in the mind and tension in the body, and dedicated my life to drug-free methods of reducing pain and stress. I studied sports medicine at Chapman University, received my license in massage therapy at East West College of the Healing Arts, and studied Thai massage with master instructors in Thailand, Costa Rica, and locally. I am certified in clinical hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic programming as well. Learn more about me here.


I have studied extensively how the mind and the body work together from both a Western and Eastern medical perspective. It has been my experience that when people learn more about their bodies, they become more empowered in every aspect of their lives and team cohesiveness improves. You just can't get that from a pill.


Still curious?  Click here to see some of the workshop material!

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